De Salvo & McCarver Finish

This image captures the first two finishers of the  Cleveland-to-Indianapolis endurance run that kicked off the August 1909 motorcycle race meet at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The photo appeared in the August 12, 1909 Indianapolis Star. The man on the right was Joseph De Salvo, the first to check in to finish at the Denison Hotel, the official headquarters hotel for the Federation of American Motorcyclists (FAM), the national governing body for the two-wheeler community and the sanctioning organization for the races. FAM was also holding its national convention in Indianapolis the same week. The other man was John McCarver, an Indianapolis resident. It was McCarver's first such event. In an image of McCarver published in the previous day's Star his name is spelled "McCarber" but given that I have seen it spelled "McCarver" in another report I am betting on the "v" version.
The caption that originally was associated with this photograph reads as follows:
"The first two motorcycle riders to arrive here yesterday afternoon in the FAM endurance run from Cleveland, O., were Joseph DeSalvo of Chicago and John McCarver of the this city. This is McCarver's first trip of this kind and, being the hardest run ever pulled off by the FAM his showing is regarded as remarkable."

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