Marmon Wasp Repaired

This content was originally published in the June 11, 1910 edition of the Indianapolis Star. While it is a brief item, it contains several intriguing historical reference points. The primary article reports on the status of the Giant's Despair Hill Climb (which is still conducted today), which was postponed due to rain.
Ray Harroun is described as the leader of the Marmon racing team. His big racer, the Marmon Wasp, which wrecked heavily in practice at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on May 30, 1910 is described as successfully repaired. Harroun had driven the car to victory in the 200 mile Wheeler-Schebler Trophy race on May 28 at the Speedway before the accident two days later.
A very small item reports that dirver Lewis Strang had turned aviator. This was not unusual as many of the early race drivers had a fascination with airplanes.

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