Harroun Wins Wheeler-Schebler Trophy

The attached article provides excellent coverage of the second day of the May 1910 race meet at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Included is a great summary of Ray Harroun's victory in the 200-mile Wheeler-Schebler Trophy. Harroun used the same Marmon Wasp he would wreck after a tire failure the following Monday, May 30. This is the same car that Harroun drove to victory in the 1911 Indianapolis 500 exactly one year later. Also in this package of articles is coverage of the accidents of Joe Dawson and Herb Lytle. Lytle was the only driver at the meet to suffer an injury - a broken leg. Barney Oldfield's victory in his big Knox stock car over the Nationals of Johnny Aitken and Tommy Kincaid receives good coverage as well.

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