Playa Del Rey Manager Visits Brickyard

This attachment contains an article which orginally appeared in the May 29, 1910 Indianapolis Star. The article documents that Walter Hempel, manager of the Playa Del Rey board track (referred to at the Los Angeles Motordrome), was a guest of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway track founders at their May 1910 race meet.
The May 1910 race meet weekend included "national championships," a newly-announced distinction by the American Automobile Association (AAA) for select race meets. Car manufacturers were keen to make a great showing. Check out other articles that provide additional summaries on the results of the races staged May 27 and May 28 elsewhere on First Super Speedway.
Hempel is quoted, "It (the Speedway) is a great place. I hardly believed  it was as big and great as it is until I laid eyes on it yesterday. The track is wonderful and, best of all, the fans are enthusiastic. They cheer the drivers and really feel excited over the races. It is different in the West. The fans are quiet and fail to enthuse over the game even at its best. We have pulled off some good race meetings there, but I never have seen a California crowd make the racket the crowd did at the speedway yesterday."
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