Entries - May 1910 IMS Meet

The items in the two attachments found below provide information about entries - both cars and drivers - for the May 1910 "national championshipsrace meet at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. They appeared side-by-side in the Sunday, May 22 edition of the Indianapolis Star. This specific newspaper carried numerous articles and images about the upcoming auto races at the new Brickyard.
The first of the two items lists the numbers of car entered by various teams, mostly from manufacturers, but some privately owned. The race meet was still five days away but below is the list as it stood as of that time. The number of cars from the team is in parenthesis, followed by drivers. The Stoddard-Dayton is a curiosity because the company had announced its withdrawal from the sport the previous year. This is speculation but this may have been a private entry by Speedway President Carl Fisher whose automobile dealership carried the brand.
The second item includes the drivers' names. I have melded them together here for convenience.

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