Fisher Hires National Guard

Note that there are two packages of articles represented by two links. Among the topics covered in these articles is Carl Fisher's hiring of the Indiana National Guard - and purchasing uniforms for them - to provide crowd control. The first races at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 1909 were a disaster in large part due to the lack of crowd control, resulting in death to two spectators. Other subjects include preparations for the Remy Brassard race and George Bumbaugh (Fisher's balloonist mentor) decision to take flight from the Speedway in his newest balloon. Another topic is planning for the upcoming aviation show at the Speedway.
The second link comes from the front page of the May 28, 1910 Indianapolis News. The article in the far right column discusses a the practice accident of Jack Reed in a Stoddard-Dayton. The Stoddard-Dayton's tire rod snapped and broke his steering gear while he was traveling at 80 mph. The machine jumped over the wall in the northwest turn but fortunately neither Reed or his riding mechanic, a Mr. Mahlen, were injured as there plunge down the embankment was cushioned by soft mud.
Overall, this is an excellent resource on a variety of happenings at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the May 1910 races. These articles were published May 28, 1910.

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