Harroun Describes Accident

This is an interesting article in which Ray Harroun, Bill Endicott and Barney Oldfield are asked to describe their feelings at the moment of an accident. This article appeared in the Indianapolis Sun on May 27, 1910 just before the big Memorial Day weekend race meet got underway on the newly brick-paved Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
Some irony is evident as Harroun's quote is in reference to the only accident he had experienced up to that time in what sounds like a road incident. Just three days later he would experience the biggest wreck of his racing career, nearly destroying his new Marmon Wasp in the third turn of the young Brickyard.
Harroun commented, "I did not have time to think of my past sins and all that bunk you sometimes hear people talk about. I had a premonition that somethng was going to happen, and all I thought of was to avoid having the car roll on me."
Part of what precipitated this article was the amazing speed already being attained by drivers, even as early as 1910. Just weeks earlier Oldfield had exceeded 140 mph in his Blitzen Benz to set a new world land speed record on the sands of Ormond-Daytona.

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