Wreck of the Marmon Wasp

The date was May 30, 1910 - just one year prior to Ray Harroun's terrific victory in the first Indianapolis 500. On May 28, 1910, Harroun drove the Marmon Wasp to victory in the 200-mile Wheeler-Schebler Trophy race. This is the same Marmon Wasp Harroun used to win the 1911 Indianapolis 500. Check out articles eleswhere on First Super Speedway that prove this car was designed in 1909, tested in March at the Brickyard and even first raced at Atlanta speedway in April 1910.
On Monday, May 30, 1910 Harroun's Marmon Wasp blew a tire entering the northeast turn, slammed the wall and broke off his right rear wheel, nearly sending it over the concrete barrier. Ray Harroun, hands on hips, circles his racer to survey the damage. The other man pictured is Fred "Pop" Wagner, the dean of American Automobile Association (AAA) race starters. This image appeared in the Indianapolis Star on May 31, 1910. The machine  was restored and racing just a few weeks later.

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