Brickyard Events, Officials May 1910

The articles in the below attachments are from the May 23 and May 25, 1910 Indianapolis Sun. They report on arrangements at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the May 1910 race meet - the first Memorial Day weekend of racing at the track. The race meet was held May 27-30 but skipped May 29 as it was the Sabbath. The meet included "national championships," a newly-announced distinction by the American Automobile Association (AAA) for select race meets. Car manufacturers were keen to make a great showing. Check out other articles that provide additional summaries on the results of the races staged May 27 and May 28 elsewhere on First Super Speedway.
The May 23 article shares the events that were planned at that time. As officials worked through the weekend some adjustments to the daily schedules were made, some due to the lack of entrants. The May 25 article reviews the individuals who had been assigned roles of officials by Speedway management and the AAA.
The May 23 article in attachment IMSSun052310i is a simple list of events across the three days. The attachment is legible so I am electing not to go through the work of replicating here. Also, the content is of a nature that it does not make sense to link to other information. I do think referencing the AAA race car class rules could be helpful in digesting this content. Note that the first event on Saturday was a time trial with the prize of a gold-plated car from Overland.
Conversely, the May 25 article in attachment OfficialsSun052510 provides a list of names prominent in the sport and the auto industry at the time. Many of these individuals are included in articles elsewhere on First Super Speedway. See for yourself, the list is a veritable "who's who" of race officials, motor journalists and automobile company executives of the era:

  • Honorary Referee: Lewis R. Speare (Chicago)
  • Referee: A.R. Pardington
  • Paddock Manager: W.S. Gilbreath (Indianapolis)
  • Paddock Manager: Emil Nusbaum (New York)
  • Paddock Manager: F.T. Bailey (Toledo)
  • Paddock Manager: C.H.Wallrich (Kokomo)
  • Paddock Manager: H.O. Bransletter (Chicago)
  • Paddock Manager: H.R. Clinton (Chicago)
  • Paddock Manager: F.A. Barker (Toledo)
  • Starter: F.J. Wagner (New York)
  • Announcing Director: Thomas Hay (Chicago)
  • Board of Judges: Frank Remy; William Esterly; A.M.Crumrine; N.H. Van Sicklen, Sr.; J.M. Nye (Atlanta?)
  • Board of Timers: Frank Morton (Chicago); T.B. Willis (Indianapolis)
  • Chief Scorer: John Cox (Terre Haute)
  • Scoring Director: J.A. Barclay
  • Board of Scorers: W.C. Poertner (New York); W.N. Wheller (Indianapolis); H.M. Hubbard (Indianapolis); H. Archie (Indianapolis); J.C. Stiles (Indianapolis)
  • Board of Umpires: H.G. Batchelder (New York); G.H. Strout (Kokomo); W.J. Quoker; J.G. McGugan; J.V. Mowe; Russell Field.
  • Technical Committee: David Beecroft (Chicago); F.E. Edwards (Chicago)
  • Clerks of the Course: O.J. Temme (Chicago); Bernie Nadall (Chicago); Walter Hempel (Los Angeles)
  • Press Board: Harry G. Copeland (Indianapolis Star); C.E. Shuart (Indianapolis Star); Roland R. Mellett (Indianapolis News); Homer Mellett (Indianapolis News); F.J. Kelly (Indianapolis Sun); Roy Buckley (Indianapolis Sun)
  • Chairman Press Reception: P.P. Willis
  • Commander of Speedway Guards: Captain W.P. Carpenter (The article refers to him as E.P., but I am virtually certain the first initial is wrong. Other reports have his first name as William.)
  • Driver's Committee: C.S. Sinsabaugh
  • Chairman of Contest Board: S.M. Butler (Chicago)
  • Representative Racing Board: C.W. Sedwick (Indianapolis)
  • Official Handicapper: David Beecroft (Chicago)
  • Surgical Staff Director: Dr. Frank R. Allen
  • Engineer and Superintendent: E.R. Pierce
  • Ambulance Service: A.M. Ragsdale
  • Superintendent of Gates and Roads: David Wallace
  • Manager of program: F.B. Evans
  • Director of Contests: E.A. Moross
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