IMS Hazard Race Prep

The article in this attachment was first published in the May 16, 1910 Indianapolis Star.
The article concerns one of the brainstorms of Ernie Moross, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway's director of contests, a "hazard" or obstacle course sponsored by the Overland Auto Company for the May 1910 "national championshipsrace meet at the track. Overland's unconventional course included portions of the Speedway, the infield and specially constructed wood plank ramps. The Overland executive behind the event was the company's vice-president, Will H. Brown.
Included in the layout was the creek that ran on the inside of the track at the Southwest turn.  Amazingly, the drivers (known as "motor cowboys" and "rough riders") drove through the ditch and then scaled its banks. Imagine the wet, muddy tracks they made on the brick running surface when they returned to the oval. Be sure to click thru and read the article for a vivid description of their path through the creek, the track's turns and the infield.
Overland's hazard course is perhaps the most interesting and unique program ever brought to the track. The hazard course included mobile wood plank ramps with ascending and descending sides. The company contributed 15 stunt cars to the contest and it is interesting to note that while Overland was not invested in high speed racing they were very visible at the Speedway and sought to promote the stout durability of their products in the context of the venue. The article reports that three prizes were awarded, all medals of gold, silver and bronze.
This article also touches on a different topic, American Automobile Association (AAA) Contest Board Chairman Sam "S.M." Butler's visit to Indianapolis to appeal to local auto manufacturers to enter the upcoming Glidden Tour. The report indicates that he felt he had persuaded both Empire and Westcott to jump into the fray. Butler, who had reportedly departed the Hoosier Capital by train that morning had taken time out to visit the Speedway and declare it the greatest race course in the world.

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