Tom Kincaid Wins Prest-O-Lite Trophy

This content was originally published in the May 28, 1910 Indianapolis Star. The articles contained within it provide an outstanding summary of the first day of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway's May 1910 race meet. A preview of the second day's planned events also provides insights to the Speedway's approach to staging races.
The big event of the first day was the 100-mile Prest-O-Lite Trophy, won by Tom Kincaid. A young driver with obvious talent, Kincaid is one of many in racing whose life was cut short before fulfilling its promise. In less than two months after his May victory he would lose his life on the backstretch of the Speedway during a July testing session.
Another driver whose career and life were cut off way too short was Bob Burman, who won the "Speedway Helmet" race which was also conducted on the first day of the May race meet. This was a five mile sprint race but offered a nice prize of a $50 a week "salary" until the helmet was up for grabs again at the next race meet at the Speedway. Burman would lose his life at a road race in Carona, California in 1916.

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