Hoosier Race Cars Lead

The article from the May 14, 1910 Indianapolis Sun in the attachment below reports on the entries expected by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for their first Memorial Day Weekend race meet. This was also the first race meet staged at the track since it was paved with 3.2 million bricks. There had been a time trial event on the new bricks in December 1909. That winter event was more a test of the new running surface and spectators were allowed on the grounds at no charge. The May go was a big deal and the first of the American Automobile Association's (AAA) new "national championship" format.
The article stresses the powerful Indianapolis-built entries of Marmon, National, Marion, Cole, Westcott, American and Empire. Interestingly, these companies reportedly held back from entering for a while in a gesture of sportsmanship to rivals from outside Indiana. Indianapolis-built entries had dominated the recent race meet at Atlanta.
The idea was to give guests to the city first choice on pit stalls and car numbers as well as first crack at practicing on the new course. The first entrant was reported to be Eddie Hearne with his FIAT and a car the article refers to as a "Hauptmobile" but I am guessing this in error and the car was a Hupmobile. Hearne owned both machines. Indianapolis Motor Speedway Director of Contests Ernie Moross had been promised another FIAT entry and an S.P.O. by Atlanta speedway owner Asa Candler, president of the Coca-Cola Company. The article suggests the plans called for Ralph DePalma to drive for Candler.
Sam "S.M." Butler, chairman of the AAA contest board, was developing his roster of officials for the race meet. Among the better-known names were Starter Fred J. Wagner and electric timing expert Charles Warner. Also, the local tire company G&J had apparently agreed to move their trophy race to July at the Speedway to make room for Remy to sponsor their brassard & trophy race. Marmon and National were projected to have seven cars each in the races. Another attraction mentioned was a plan to stage an exhibit of some the airplanes scheduled to take part in the Speedway's upcoming aviation show the week of June 13.

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