Wheeler Kicks in $1,000 Prize

The attached article was originally published April 21, 1910 in the Indianapolis Star
There are actually two brief articles in a kind of digest presentation. One concerns the decision of Indianapolis Motor Speedway Co-Founder Frank Wheeler, who was also president of Wheeler-Schebler Carburetor Company,* to offer a $1,000 cash prize to the winner of the upcoming May running of the Wheeler-Schebler Trophy provided the car was equipped with a set of his branded carburetors. The other article concerns a promotional pamphlet prepared by Speedway Director of Contests Ernie Moross. The marketing collateral featured the attractions of the Indianapolis and most especially the Brickyard.
The book is described in detail and it would be amazing to acquire one now. The cover is described as a color image - probably art, not photography - representing two race cars at speed. The first page has pictures and a story about Speedway management and ownership. The story reportedly shared the fundamental statistics concerning the facility as well as the year's schedule of events. Throughout the book were pictures of the events held at the track in 1909 - this could have included auto races, motorcycle races and the ballooning championship.
Advertisements throughout the book were placed by the manufactures and sales dealerships of the city. Some 50,000 copies were reported to be printed and distributed to newspapers and garages around America. Information about the Hoosier capital included hotels and "conveniences" as well as directions to the city by roads and the network of railroads and interurban streetcar lines. 
Information about the Speedway apparently dominated the content with an abundance of pictures of drivers and cars. The numerous improvements to the track - not the least of which was the Brick paving project the previous autumn - are described. The aviation field was also highlighted. The Overland Automobile Company presented the most prominent advertisement while all the dealerships and garages were listed, complete with addresses and phone numbers.
*Note the lineage to today's Marvel-Schebler Aircraft Carburetor Company.

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