Moross: Promoter at Work -1910

The article in the attachment below is a very brief item that was first published in the May 5, 1910 Indianapolis Star.
The article reports that Indianapolis Motor Speedway Director of Contests Ernie Moross was on his way to the May 1910 Atlanta speedway race meet to recruit drivers to the Brickyard's May 1910 race meet. As the article suggests his "sales job" was not expected to be difficult as the track promised an array of expensive trophies and cash prizes for success. What's more the facility had transformed itself into "The Brickyard" and was widely reported as a sterling example of elaborate roadway engineering - something drivers and manufacturers would have a tough time resisting.
The article also reports that Moross planned to meet with Orville Wright at a train station along his journey. The goal was to close on details concerning the track's planning for the June 1910 aviation meet where Wright flyers were expected to take center stage.

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