Kaiser Wires "Daring Yankee"

In yet another item from Barney Oldfield's personal scrapbook his record runs at Daytona Beach in March 1910 are described. Driving the 200 HP "Blitzen Benz," Oldfield dazzled the world with then-incredible speeds of 131.720 mph for a flying start mile and 142 mph for a flying on start two miles. He also set records in the kilometer and from standing starts. Newspapers marveled that for that moment in time Barney Oldfield and his monster Benz were faster than anything on Earth - other than a bullet.
This package contains several articles. The primary one describes Oldfield's record-setting runs. Another talks about a race meet occuring almost immediately afterward at the Playa Del Rey board track in Los Angeles. Although Oldfield is not mentioned, he did appear. Other drivers mentioned are Caleb Bragg and Ralph De Palma.  Another article provides "analysis" and suggests Oldfield's startling speeds may have indicated that the automobile had reached the limits of its development.
My favorite are a couple of tiny items that reference a telegram that was ostensibly sent to Oldfield after his record-setting performance by Kaiser Wilhelm II, King of Prussia - Emperor of Germany. The telegram reportedly read:
"Congratulate a daring Yankee on so remarkable performance with a German car." I'd say that was pretty cool for old Barney.

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