Speed King of the World

This is a nice piece from an unnamed newspaper that was clipped and pasted in Barney Oldfield's personal scrapbook. It describes the atmosphere in Daytona Beach after Oldfield's startling 131.720 mph record for the measured mile. Charming descriptions of Barney tooling around the little town of Daytona on his bicycle and mingling with people in the area are examples of the feel you'll get for the context of this piece of history. This is an enjoyable read with a bold headline that reads, "Barney Oldfield, Speed King of the World." In addition to the main article, there is a small item that presents the statistics for Oldfield's records:

  • One mile, flying start: 27.33 seconds.
  • One mile, standing start: 40.53 seconds.
  • One kilometer, flying start: 17.04 seconds.
  • Two miles, flying start: 55.87 seconds.
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