Oldfield Sells Out to Moross

This is another messy package from Barney Oldfield's scrapbook. In it you will find a hodge-podge of articles from unknown newspapers (the dates and sources have been clipped off). I can date these articles with some degree of accuracy based on what I know about Oldfield's career. The articles are a mix of 1910 and 1911 events. Some probably appeared in late 1910, the others in spring 1911.
The most important article is one that cites that former Director of Indianapolis Motor Speedway Contests Ernie Moross purchased Oldfield's race car team. This was because the American Automobile Association (AAA) barred Oldfield from participating in events unauthorized by the AAA. Specifically this was the October match race with the first black heavyweight boxing champion Jack Johnson. The ugliness of racial prejudice was a big factor in the AAA's wrath and Jackson was largely hated by the boxing establishment for simply being great at what he did - and for rubbing it in with an antagonizing attitude.
When Oldfield was barred by the AAA, he sold his gear to Moross, who had left the Speedway and was investing a lot of energy into his own company, the Moross Amusement Company. Cars included in the deal were the Blitzen Benz (aka Lightning Benz), the Prince Henry Benz (a GP racer formerly driven by Victor Hemery) and a stock Knox machine Oldfield drove at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in May 1910. Interestingly, there is another article in this package that reports that Oldfield was robbed of the $50,000 he received from Moross on a train ride.
The package also includes articles describing pace car preparations for the first Indianapolis 500 as well as Bob Burman's plans to make an exhibition run with the Blitzen Benz the day before the first "500" at the Speedway. These are the 1911 articles I mentioned earlier.
Also interesting are two charts (pages 1 & 3 in the package) that compare Oldfield's land speed record time to other modes of travel as well as a list of records that stood as of 1910.

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