Algonquin Hill Climb & Oldfield (1909)

The attachment here contains three brief items. One concerns results for the Algonquin Hill Climb in 1909. Another item reports on Barney Oldfield's plans to drive a Benz in some of the races at the inaugural race meet at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in August. The article was originally published in the August 6, 1909 Indianapolis News
With respect to the Algonquin Hill Climb, the feature race - the free-for-all - was won by Len Zengle in a Chadwick. Second was Art Greiner in a Thomas Six racer. Johnny Aitken in a National ended up fourth. The article is only a fair quality reproduction but it appears the winning time was 50.6 seconds. 
Noteworthy drivers and their success in the less important races of the meet include National Motor Vehicle Company's Tom Kincaid, who is reported to have scored a third and a fourth in other contests. Adolph Monson drove a Marion in three events, finishing sixth in the feature and fifth in two others. The article also reports that the National team planned to enter the Bluegrass Fair races in Lexington, Kentucky.
The report on Oldfield says he was in Buffalo, New York preparing his Benz for races at the Ft. Erie track that very day. Apparently, he was in the company of J. Walter Christie (they were probably barnstorming together) and both planned to travel together and arrive in Indianapolis the following Wednesday. Oldfield was bringing both the Benz and his famous "Old Glory" National "Six" modified stock racer.
Actually, there is a third brief item discussing the September 21-29 Frank A. Munsey Tour. This was an endurance test in the style of the Glidden Tour. The report merely was an assurance that the event would take place.

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