Arthur C. Newby's Obituaries

Arthur C. Newby's obituary in the Indianapolis News is chock-full of information about the man. His nickname, "the quiet philanthropist" was well earned. Note his $100,000 gift to Riley Children's Hospital and how he stepped in to save Turkey Run State Park from encroaching development. He housed and fed the homeless, but no one knows how many hundreds he saved because he didn't seek publicity for his efforts. Constantly combating ill health, my guess is Art Newby was the most likable of the four founders of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
One of several companies that Newby founded was the Indianapolis Stamping and Chain Company (1890) which survives today as Diamond Chain Company. He is also credited with establishing the city of Indianapolis' first major sports facility, the Newby Oval for bicycle racing. Perhaps most amazing of all, Newby was a guy with a big heart that could successfully swim with so many sharks. Attachment star091233 is the Indianapolis Star obit for Newby, covering a lot of the same information outlined above. Newby was also a top officer at the National Motor Vehicle Company the created the winning car for the 1912 Indianapolis 500 as driven by Joe Dawson.
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