Wheeler Cited - Assault & Battery

This is a curious piece I stumbled across from the August 5, 1909, Indianapolis News. It is a report that black sheep founder of the Indianapolis Motor SpeedwayFrank Wheeler, was cited for assault when he struck a man - George Powell - on a bicycle while driving his passenger car. Interestingly, after stopping to check on Powell, Wheeler then drove him to a doctor's office. He was ordered to appear in court over the matter but my speculation - and I am purely guessing - is that the matter was resolved out of court.
Some of the details of this piece are interesting. For example, Wheeler is identified as being associated with the "Wheeler & Schebler Company," but not as its chief executive. Powell is referred to as a "tin and sheet iron contractor." The accident occurred at Virginia and Lexington Avenues with a specific address of 335 Virginia Avenue. The doctor who treated Powell was Dr. Ward of 339 Virginia Avenue.
Two police officers, named  Mullen and Hunter, were dispatched to the scene to investigate. They were described as "bicyclemen." Witnesses told police that Wheeler was driving at about 40 mph. Powell was moving in the same direction but veered in front of Wheeler's car when he reached Lexington Avenue. According to the article, Powell was "knocked some distance." Wheeler asserted that he was not speeding and that it was impossible to avoid the collision. 

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