AAA Articles

Information about the operations of the AAA as the primary sanctioning body of auto racing in the United States, especially in the earliest days of the sport.

In late 1909 the American Automobile Association (AAA) held their national convention in New York City. This is a collection of articles describing the issues of the day, the preparations for the meeting and the decisions made during it.

Attachment RacingRules112809 contains an article originally published in the November 28, 1909, Indianapolis Star. The article discusses the activities of American-based automobile organizations to feed input into the upcoming December 7, 1909, International Conference of Automobile Clubs to be held in Paris, France.

This article, published just after New Year's Day 1910 on January 2nd, is a follow-up to an earlier report about efforts by American manufacturers to reach out to European counterparts in an attempt to establish an international formula for stock cars. The report laments the failed effort and gives me the sense that there was little interest across the pond.

This article in attachment AAA091509 originally appeared in the September 15, 1909, Indianapolis Star.

This article about the American Automobile Association's (AAA) plans to present a "national circuit" first appeared in the January 23, 1910 Indianapolis Star. This is a follow-up report on these intentions as announced January 16.

This article with an update to the previously announced American Automobile Association's (AAA) new "National Circuit" was published in the January 28, 1910 Indianapolis Star. A couple of points jumped out at me in reading the article. One, apparently there were plans for a points-paying championship but not for drivers - just cars.

This article was pulished in the January 30, 1910 Indianapolis Star. There are two attachments but together they provide the one article.

This article was originally published February 27, 1910 in the Indianapolis Star. This article expands somewhat on a previous Star article concerning the American Automobile Association's (AAA) rules for the 1910 racing season.

The attached article first appeared in the April 4, 1910 Indianapolis Star. It reports on the Indianapolis visit of A.G.