1910 International Formula Fails

This article, published just after New Year's Day 1910 on January 2nd, is a follow-up to an earlier report about efforts by American manufacturers to reach out to European counterparts in an attempt to establish an international formula for stock cars. The report laments the failed effort and gives me the sense that there was little interest across the pond. The article says the proposal was submitted too late for consideration at the Congress of Recognized Automobile Clubs held in Paris December 7, 1909 but why that happened is unclear. From the information it sounds as if the group had the time and descretion to take the proposal under consideration but elected not to.
The proposal was the product of the Manufacturer's Contest Association (MCA), formed to give voice to American automobile factories in the racing governance decisions of the American Automobile Association (AAA). The circumstances of the times were such that the governing body on international matters with respect to American involvement with international contests was the purview of the Automobile Club of America (ACA).
The ACA representative to the international congress was W.S. Horgan, who said, "To my great regret the American Automobile Manufacturer's proposal was not discussed, although Baron de Zuylen very kindly called the delegate's attention to it, and I gave each delegate a translated copy of the recommendations in brief, which were sent me. It may, therefore, be said that it was officially submitted, although not discussed. In fact, as stated in the minutes, it was received too late, and has been postponed until the next meeting of the association, some time during the coming summer."
The roll call of the delegates from other countries include a lot of names that reflect aristocracy which says something about the culture of the racing community in the day:

The delegates from Belgium and Italy reportedly indicated some interest in the American proposition. The article closes with another quote from Horgan that reads like an admonition to the Americans to get their act together sooner next time.

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