Aitken in National for Munsey Tour

This image of a National Motor Vehicle Company automobile appeared in the September 12, 1909 Indianapolis Star. The car was to be driven by the company's star auto racing driver Johnny Aitken in the Munsey Tour, an endurance run starting from Washington D.C. and concluding in Boston.
While endurance runs were not auto races they were competitions. Cars were still relatively new products and with dozens of manufacturers customers were focused on reliability. The most well known of these endurance runs was the Glidden Tour.
The caption that was published with this image in original publication appears below:
"John Aitken, the National driver who made such a sensational showing during the recent Motor Speedway races, has been assigned the honor of leading th Munsey Tour, which starts from Washington D.C. October 21. Frank Trego, pathfinder, will ride in this Indianapolis-made car. The machine was shipped to Washington yesterday. The distance for this run is 1,282.2 miles. There will be seven running days, the average number of miles, every on being 183.1. The complete route follows:

  • September 21 - Washington D.C. to Baltimore, to Philadelphia, PA, to Milford, PA, via New York and Lancaster, 195.3 miles.
  • September 22 - Philadelphia, PA to Milford, PA, via Allentown and Delaware Water Gap, 132.6 miles.
  • September 23 - Milford, PA to Albany, N.Y. via Goshen and Kingston, 158.5 miles.
  • September 24 - Albany, N.Y. to Boston, MA via via Springfield and Worcester, 194.2 miles.
  • September 25 - In Boston.
  • September 26 - In Boston.
  • September 27 - Boston, MA to New York city via Providence, Willimantic, Hartford, New Haven, Bridgeport, 239.4 miles.
  • September 28 - New York city to Philadelphia, PA via Perth Amboy Ferry, Atlantic City, Camden, 198.3 miles.
  • September 29 - Philadelphia, PA to Baltimore to Washington D.C. via Wilmington and Newark, 163.9 miles."
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