Atlantic-Pablo Beach Race, 1911

This great image and reference for the 1911 Atlantic-Pablo Beach Races near Jacksonville, Florida was provided to First Super Speedway by John Pappas, well know in Indianapolis auto racing history circles as the force behind the construction of a replica of the famous Boyle Maserati driven into racing lore as the winner of the 1939 and '40 Indianapolis 500s. Pappas also restored the truck and trailer used by the Boyle team to transport the racer. He is leading the effort to restore the old Mike Boyle racing garage in Indianapolis, a gargantuan task as it fell into disrepair through the decades - to the point of being dilapidated.
As for the beach races, note that 1919 Indianapolis 500 Champion Howdy Wilcox picked off several of the first wins of his career. He was three months from his 22nd birthday and transitioning from the riding mechanic role to a driver.
One of Howdy's wins that day came in a five-mile sprint. That's what the second picture is all about. It is of the silver cup presented to Wilcox for the five-mile go. At that point in his career, he was an employee of the Indianapolis-based National Motor Vehicle Company led by Indianapolis Motor Speedway co-founder Art Newby. The backdrop for the picture is the old National factory, which has fallen into disrepair but still stands in Indianapolis. Know that the inscription on the trophy reads: 5-Mile Free For All. Won by National "60." H.S. Wilcox, driver. Time 3:13.22. Average 93 mph. Atlantic Pablo Beach Races. Jacksonville, FLA. March 28, 1911.

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