Blitzen Benz - January 1910

This image artifact was derived from a photograph that appeared in the January 18, 1910, Indianapolis News. This item appeared just days before Oldfield confirmed that he had acquired what was probably the most powerful car on Earth - the "Blitzen Benz" - at the time.
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The copy originally associated with this image appears below.
"The Benz, 250-power car, driven by Hemery at the Brooklands (England) track, is holder of the world's record of 127 miles per hour. It is now in New York for the proposed $10,000 race with Lewis Strang's 120 horsepower Fiat, holder of the principal American records. There is considerable rivalry as to who will drive the world's championship car. Barney Oldfield is now in NewYork, having made a special trip from the Pacific Coast for the purpose of obtaining the coveted car. George Robertson has also been mentioned as a prospective driver. The supremacy question may be settled on the new one-mile board track at Los Angeles in April and the tests may be reserved until later and held on the Indianapolis 2 1/2-mile speedway, by far the better place. Robertson has announced that he will drive the Benz invader at Los Angeles. It was brought to this country for the express purpose of trimming Strang's Fiat, which proved too speedy for Barney Oldfield and his 120-horsepower Benz. Carl Fisher, president of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, is interested in the latest Benz and he is said to be a prospective purchaser of the speed marvel. There is a possibility that he will enter the racing game and drive it himself if he decides to make the purchase. In any event, that the record car will be seen on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway this year is announced as a certainty."

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