Oldfield Buys Blitzen Benz

This very brief article about Barney Oldfield's purchase of the famous "Blitzen Benz" was published in the January 26, 1910 Indianapolis Star. I regard this as a very significant report as it documents with certainty the purchase date by Oldfield of the Blitzen Benz that he would drive to a new a world land speed record. It also affirms Oldfield's association with the master ballyhoo artist, the sometimes infamous William Hickman Pickens and credits him with issuing the press release on the acqusition.
The Blitzen Benz was the object of much contention as others were pursuing ownership not the least of which was Indianapolis Motor Speedway President & Founder Carl Fisher. Earlier the car was rumored to be entered for George Robertson in a match race with Ralph DePalma. The car was under the management of Jesse Froelich of the Benz Import Company in New York at the time. Note another story elsewhere on First Super Speedway that discusses Oldfield's acquisition of the car and Pickens' involvement. 
Typical Oldfield, the announcement included a standing challenge for him to take on all challengers in match races at tracks across America. Oldfield was the ultimate barnstorm driver and the American Automobile Association (AAA) had recently announced a "national circuit" of special races designed to minimize barnstorming. A trip to Daytona-Ormond Beach for the world land speed record run and an entry in the Mardi Gras race meet in New Orleans were among the first events Oldfield scheduled for his new hot rod.

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