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First Super Speedway is the largest on-line archive of primary research about pre-1920 auto racing history in the world. It is ideal for history researchers, authors, motor sports journalists, educators and auto racing history aficionados. This site is chockfull of volumes of material about the earliest oval horse track races, the seminal races at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and road racing content as well, such as original articles about the brutally hot first French Grand Prix in 1906.

"I love what you have done with First Super Speedway! I especially appreciate the early articles about racing. It provides access to much material that is currently only available at archives. This is a boon to those of us who write about auto racing. As a scholar, I always check what I see in any book, as some people are somewhat careless in regard to sticking to the facts, so having access to the newspaper articles is really a must. Keep up the good work, and it is good work!" - Dr. Elsa A. Nystrom, Professor of History, Kennesaw State University.

New Collaboration With Motorsports Mayhem

A new, independent forum of racing enthusiasts largely derived from the old Speed TV forum, these motorsports aficionados would love to have First Super Speedway followers join their fun. Be sure to check the Motorsports Mayhem blogs, forums and Twitter feed! 

Where They Raced Video Series

This is an outstanding new video series on auto racing history that re-visits some of the great racing venues of the past. The production team is based in Southern California and has done a great job of not only identifying the venues but uncovering original film coverage, surviving cars and providing commentary by living relatives of the great drivers as well as some pretty darn smart historians. Well worth your time.



- 05/27/2015
Mark Dill

Pat Kennedy - racing enthusiast, race car collector, Indianapolis business executive and a man with a family history of entering cars in the great Indianapolis 500 is also an author. A big-time racing historian, Pat is also an author of wonderful trivia books about the Greatest Spectacle in Racing.

- 05/10/2015
Mark Dill

In some ways this is a true Indianapolis 500 race car. The Navarro turbocharged Rambler. Inspriation. Experimentation. Risk. Flat out crazy. Barney Navarro had the spirit of the Brickyard.

- 04/02/2015
Mark Dill

I love history obviously. One of the byproducts is that it helps me project into the future.
Check out my recent The 405 Media radio interview and our discussion about the state of "IndyCar" and what could be done to save it.