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First Super Speedway's Mark Dill at Work for the RACER Channel in the SVRA Paddock

- 09/22/2017
Mark Dill

Edgar Apperson and his brother Elmer were partners with Elwood Haynes in an automobile business in the 1890's. They were affiliated with one of the nine cars entered in America's first auto race, the 1895 Chicago Times-Herald race held on Thanksgiving Day. 
The car was a Haynes-Apperson, the product of a small business that had been founded in 1894. By 1901 the partnership was dissolved and the Appersons formed the Apperson Automobile Company in Kokomo, Indiana.

- 09/02/2017
Mark Dill

Revisionists, unfortunately, have a big role in the early history of national driving champions. Secretaries of the American Automobile Association (AAA) Contest Board most frequently cited for the re-writing of auto racing history are Val Haresnape in the 1920's and Russ Catlin in the 1950's.

- 08/11/2017
Mark Dill

Do you know of the 1905 Premier racer Carl Fisher commissioned for Vanderbilt Cup competition that is on display at the IMS Museum? The history of the car has gotten garbled through the decades. For years, the placard in front of it said it was developed for the 1903 Vanderbilt Cup.