Bumbaugh's Dirigible Named!!

This image first appeared in the November 15, 1909 Indianapolis Star. It is a photograph of Miss Rose Rayle of Carmel, Indiana who won a contest to name Captain George L. Bumbaugh's giant dirigible. Her suggestion? "The Indianapolis Star."
Bumbaugh had exhibited his dirigible at the Indiana State Fair in Spetember. There had been plans for an aviation show at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway where he was to christen the craft but the air show never materialized. There was, however, an aviation meet at the Speedway in June 1910. It is also worth noting that a year to the day prior Speedway Founder Carl Fisher and Bumbaugh pulled off their car sales publicity stunt flying a balloon over Indianapolis.
Bumbaugh and the Indianapolis Star organized the naming contest for the vessel called as "America's largest dirigible." People were asked to file their suggestions with the Balloon Editor of the Indianapolis Star by mail not later than the following Tuesday, November 2.
The caption that appeared with the photo read as follows:
"I hope my name will be the lucky one,' was the wish expressed in one of the many hundred letters received containing suggestions for the title of Capt. G.L. Bumbaugh's new dirigible balloon. Miss Rose D. Rayle of Carmel, Ind., expressed this desire and it was realized as the committee appointed to select the name for the balloon chose her suggestion, "The Indianapolis Star." This name will be painted on either side of the balloon as soon as it is inflated. Owing to the bad weather conditions, the pilot, Capt. Bumbaugh, is delaying his flight. He said last night that he would wait until an ideal quiet day, and then he is certain he can circle the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument as he first announced. The Star will announce ahead of time when this flight will be made. The start will be made from the Motor Speedway."

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