Detroit Trophy

This image of the Detroit Trophy appeared in the July 25, 1909 Indianapolis News. According to the Indianapolis Star there were 13 touring cars in the Glidden Tour, 14 runabouts in the Hower Tour and three miniature tonneau and "double rumble cars" in the Detroit Tour.
This Detroit Tour contest was for small cars as a component of the Glidden Tour, America's first major road rally and easily one of the top automobile contests of its day, running from 1905 to 1913. Some accounts say the tours started in 1902 but this is not true. It's founder Charles J. Glidden organized an around-the-world tour that year but the true American Glidden Tours did not commence until 1905.
The caption that appeared with photo read as follows:
"One of the handsomest and most elaborate trophies ever offered for any automobile event is the Detroit Cup, which will go to the car with a miniature tonneau that makes the best score in the Glidden Tour that starts from Detroit, Michigan July 12. This trophy is a remarkable on in the first place because $250 to purchase it was appropriated from the funds of the city of Detroit and Mayor Breitmeyer finding this insufficient to get what he wanted, addes $250 personally. The trophy is a porcelain urn resting upon a square pedestal in whch there is a clock. The whole piece stands about three feet in height, is hand painted and ornate. It is considerably out of the usual as a trophy, and is altogether desirable."

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