Ford Falcon at Brickyard Invitational

This is more of the series of original art created by David Story making its online premiere on First Super Speedway. This image is of one of the American muscle cars that competed in the Sports Car Vintage Racing Association (SVRA) Brickyard Invitational race meet June 11-14, 2015 - at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It is also part of David's Brickyard Invitational Sketchbook.
This Ford Falcon was one of 33 cars entered in the event's feature, the "Indy Legends" Charity Pro-Am. The other 32 cars were a mix of Mustangs, Carmaros and Corvettes. Two-time Indianapolis 500 starter Tyce Carlson (note his name on the windshield) drove with owner Bill Feaster in the contest. They finished 27th. Feaster is depicted in the image as the man standing with his back to your view. Malcolm Mangum, one the owners of Apex Vintage garage (Apex, North Carolina) is seen talking to Feaster, who is his customer.
Malcolm serves as chief mechanic for his customers and had two client-drivers at the Brickyard Invitational. Apex Vintage, like many vintage race team garages servicing SVRA competitors, provides racers with a crew - including transport services to and from the tracks.
David's margin notes read as follows:
"One of the first people upon our arrival to the IMS (Mark Dill) introduced us to was Malcom Mangum. We met so many friendly people. All very willing to talk about their cars and their passions. Malcom and his crew were some of the nicest. He immediately volunteered water, shade or whatever else he had to share. Malcom brought this cool '64 Falcon which his company set up for one of his customers for the Pro-Am race on Saturday. Personally I love the car. I've seen way too many Mustangs. This Falcon was unique and special."

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