Gaston Chevrolet - 1920

This outstanding sketch by David Story captures an image of the 1920 Indianapolis 500 winner Gaston Chevrolet and his Monroe-Fontenac racer.
Gaston, the youngest of the three Chevrolet brothers originally immigrating to the United States, survived the "500" as much as won it. His team, headed by his eldest brother Louis and also tended to by middle brother Arthur, entered seven cars for the Monroe Company, a manufacturer that had been revived from bankruptcy by Indianapolis businessman William Small. Four of the entries were known as Monroes, three Frontenacs. Through some oversight the steering mechanism was not heat treated properly and the brittle metal snapped, producing several accidents. One-by-one all but Gaston's machine failed. He prevailed after Ralph DePalma, who had dominated early, suffered electrical problems.
Gaston's glory was short-lived and would end in tragedy. He won the American Automobile Assocition (AAA) national points championship posthumously when he perished in the final race of the season at the Beverly Hills board track on Thanksgiving Day. 

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