The Gold Brick

This image is derived from a photograph that appeared in the December 10, 1909, Indianapolis News. It is a close-up shot of the "Gold" brick that was used during the ceremonial completion with Indiana Governor Thomas Marshall of the brick paving project of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in the autumn of 1909. The block was actually bronze and made from the material of Speedway Co-Founder Frank Wheeler's Wheeler-Schebler Carburetor Company. Below is the text from the original photo's cutline.
"Only one more brick remains to be placed at the Indianapolis $700,000 motor speedway, and it is now on exhibition in an L.S. Ayres & Co. show window. The brick is of coin silver and gold plated. The laying of the vitrified brick at the track was completed last week, and the gold brick will be placed at the finish line in front of the judges' stand. E.A. Moross, director of contests, is arranging a special ceremony for this occasion to be held just prior to the world's record speed trials, set for Friday and Saturday of next week. The brick will be securely chained down and will be carefully imbedded in cement. In addition, a special guard will be appointed until after the record-breaking trials have been finished. The brick weighs fifty-two pounds, and it is valued at $500."

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