Harry Endicott & Jim McNamara - Elgin Road Race

Patrick McNamara, grandson of Indianapolis 500 veteran riding mechanic James David (Jim) McNamara, who is usually simply listed as "J.D. McNamara" in historical accounts, provided two wonderful images of his grandfather and race driver Harry Endicott. According to Patrick, the two men raced together in the 1913 Indianapolis 500. Jim was born November 15, 1884 in Grafton, Missouri, a town that no longer exists. He died February 5, 1960 in Tinley Park, Illinois. You can find an article on five of Jim McNamara's contemporaries in the 1913 Indianapolis 500 elsewhere on First Super Speedway. Also, check out this additional photo of Harry and Jim. Harry was the brother of fellow driver and Indianapolis 500 veteran "Farmer" Bill Endicott. Bill and Harry were the first siblings to race in the Indianapolis 500 together.
This photo - which can be sourced at the Chicago History Museum and the Library of Congress, Chicago Daily News Archive - was taken at the road race at Elgin, Illinois in 1912. See also 1910 Elgin road race. Anyone with more information about Patrick's grandfather - or Harry Endicott - please share.

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