May 26 - Burman Fastest of the Month!

Fresh from a mega Indianapolis 500 souvenir section the previous day the Indianapolis Star took a day off from Indianapolis Motor Speedway coverage but the Indianapolis News stepped up with four items published on May 26, 1913. Here we have four attachments covering practice for Sunday, May 25.
Attachment NewsTrials052613 provides an article with a nice summary of practice runs. A reported 15,000 fans packed into the Speedway to watch almost every car and driver combination on the grounds take laps. Conspicuous by their absence were the Italian Isottas, still in route on the Lusitania ocean liner. Bob Burman electrified the crowd with the fastest lap of the month, exceeding 93 MPH in his green Keeton racer. The article insinuates that anticipated time trials did not occur beause American Automobile Association (AAA) officials did not show up but the true story is not clear. As noted in the Indianapolis Star's coverage of the previous day the decision to not hold time trials seemed to be a last minute, day-of decision and one has to wonder how many of those 15,000 were steamed over the surprise.
The article reports that the time trials had been rescheduled for the next day, the date of its publication. While most cars were deemed ready to meet the standard of recording a lap at 75 MPH or faster, there were some that were struggling. Both the Knight engine cars - Robert Pennebaker's Stearns-Knight and the Mercedes-Knight of Theodore Pilette were question marks in the speed department. The Deltal entry had just arrived at the track.
The attachment NewsMechanics052613 contains images supported by a substantial cutline that provides good biographical background on five riding mechanics. The first is Harry Martin, who rode with Charlie Merz and was a central figure in one of the most exciting finishes ever in the Indianapolis 500 as he beat back a flames from under the engine cowling during the final two laps. Martin also rode with Joe Dawson in the winning National racer from 1912. The second mechanic is Frank Agan, who rode with Gil Anderson. Roy Vernon, mentioned third, rode with Don Herr. Frank Jones was in the Anel with Billy Knipper and Frank "Hungry" Farber rode with Howdy Wilcox. It's doubtful that you will easily find better information on these gentlemen without conducting a major research project.
Attachment NewsMulford052613 provides an image of Ralph Mulford in the Mercedes that broke down on Ralph DePalma with little more than three miles to go in the 1912 Indianapolis 500. Attachment NewsGarage052613 is a good view of life in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway garage area in 1913. Located in the southwest corner of the oval, probably not all that far from the current garage area, the photo says the specific garages are of Mercer teammates Spencer Wishart and Ralph DePalma.

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