May 7 - More on Burman

Attached are three articles from the May 7, 1913 Indianapolis News that fueled the build-up to the 1913 Indianapolis 500.
The article (attachment NewsLiesaw050713) highlights fan favorite Bob Burman and again illustrates how he had emerged as America's great hope. Burman and his  Keeton Motor Company entry were widely considered to be huge threats to win the race. Burman still held the world's land speed record from his 1911 run at Daytona Beach. Note that the name of his mechanic, an Italian named Tony Jannett is mentioned. Jannett, according to the article, came to America with Vincenzo Lancia when he competed for the Vanderbilt Cup. Another heavily watched driver was Billy Liesaw and his car the "Anel" entered by William F. Thompson of Battle Creek, Michigan.
The article in attachment NewsTulsa050713 is really a photo and caption reporting on the expected arrival of George Clark and his Tulsa racer. This car was entered by Oklahoma oil tycoons Carden Green and J. B. Levy.
The third item (attachment NewsDePalma050713) is a news digest column called "Motordom's Latest" and offers two small items as part of the build-up to the 1913 Indianapolis 500. The first notes Ralph De Palma's refusal to arrive in Indianapolis on May 13, instead making whatever adjustments to his travel plans to show up a day earlier. After his hard luck the previous year when his car broke while leading with less than two laps remaining it appears he was taking no chances.
The other article in the digest notes that a Dayton, Ohio customer had his or her race tickets nearly destroyed in a flood and decided to mail them to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to see if they would replace them. They did.

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