May 22 - Where is Isotta?

Thursday, May 22, 1913 was a relatively light day for press coverage from Indianapolis newspapers on events at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway about events leading up to the 1913 Indianapolis 500 on May 30.
Here are two attachments each from the Indianapolis Star and the Indianapolis News - all images. From the Star there was one editorial cartoon (attachment IMSCartoon052213) and a photo (attachment ZuccarelliStar052213). The cartoon offers a character who is the personification of the collective Indianapolis citizen who is apparently reflecting on events that are more traditional to his experience while listening to the roar and bustle of the new fangled high horse power race cars at the Speedway. The photo is a very basic image of Peugeot driver Paul Zuccarelli sitting in his race car with his mechanic. No caption accompanies the image.
As for the Indianapolis News we find two photos with more substantive captions. The first of the two, is a shot of Bill Endicott and his riding mechanic Claude Newhouse in the cockpit of their Case racer. According to the accompanying information the car was raced by Eddie Hearne the previous year. Bill is described as rugged and "weathered," a condition surmised by the reporter to be the result of a recent barnstorming tour through Texas.
The other item from the News (attachment NewsTrucco052213) is a publicity shot of Vincenzo Trucco in his much anticipated Isotta racer. The manufacturer had promised three entries and you have to imagine Speedway officials were getting nervous as the days fell off the calendar. This item forecasted their arrival by May 24 - less than a week from race day. Reports indicated that there was a labor dispute in Italy and that issue had delayed shipment of the equipment.

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