May 13 - Practice, Eloping & Barkers

These attachments include two articles from the Indianapolis News and one from the Indianapolis Star, all published on May 13, 1913.
The article from the Star (attachment EuroDriversStar051313) discusses developments in ongoing practice at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway as well as the arrival of European drivers all in anticipation of the May 30 Indianapolis 500 Mile Race. Among the arrivals are Jules Goux and Paul Zuccarelli whose Peugeot team cars preceded them at the track by one day. American hot shoes Bob Burman in his Keeton racer, Billy Liesaw in his Anel had Charlie Merz of Stutz had all been on the track the previous day.
Updates on other competitors include the anticipated arrival of the Case team with Louis Disbrow, Joe Nikrent and Bill Endicott driving. Howdy Wilcox in the Grey Fox was expected at the track but there was also speculation that he along with other drivers would skip that day because it was May 13 and the number was a bad luck "hoo-doo." Additional questions were raced about aces Joe Dawson and Eddie Hearne who were fan favorites but without rides.
As a final point note that Western Union was mentioned as playing a role in timing and scoring. From the gist of the articles it appears they were proposing an electric communication network from the scoring stand to the manually updated scoreboards.
The next attachment (NewsJaggersberger051312) has one of the most amazing, bizarre and funny articles on First Super Speedway. The article within it made the front page (see page 3 of the attachment) of the Indianapolis News when Joe Jagersberger, who raced in the 1911 Indianapolis 500, eloped with a 17-year-old only to be tracked down by her father before they could tie the knot.
The third article in attachment (NewsPeugeot051313) reports on the delayed arrival of Peugeot drivers Jules Goux and Paul Zuccarelli who were anticipated that day but failed to show. Speculation ran that they would be seen at the Brickyard the next day. Practice activity was light with only Keeton driver Bob Burman and Charlie Merz of Stutz reported as turning laps.
One point I found extremely interesting is that a gentleman by the name of A.R. Heiskell was hired by General Manager Charles Sedwick as head announcer. In these days prior to electronic amplification this meant organizing a team of barkers with megaphones. Heiskell was recognized as the manager of Ray Harroun's team manager in their victorious effort at Marmon in the first Indianapolis 500 in 1911.

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