Louis Disbrow

Louis Disbrow was a veteran of four Indianapolis 500s with a best finish of eighth in 1913, driving for the Case team. He competed in three other 500s: 1911, 1912 and 1914. Disbrow was born in 1888 in Indianapolis and passed away in Philadelphia in 1939. Perhaps his greatest victory came on November 13, 1909, when he took the 200 mile Atlanta Trophy after leaders George Robertson (Fiat) and Louis Chevrolet (Buick) suffered mechanical trouble. Disbrow piloted a Rainer on that occasion. Disbrow also served as mechanic and coach for the era's most prominent woman race driver, Joan Cuneo.
In a less savory chapter of his life story, Disbrow was indicted for the murder of a love interest and a competitor for her affection. The woman went by the name of "Dimples" Lawrence and the other man was Clarence Foster. Disbrow was incarcerated and stood trial but was exonerated although the shadow followed him the rest of his life until he passed in 1939.

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