May 4 - DePalma, Burman & National

Three good articles on the upcoming Indianapolis 500 appeared in the Indianapolis Star on May 4, 1913.
One concerns Bob Burman and his oh-so-humble prognostications about his chances with the Keeton Motor Company entry. Burman shared that the team had given him carte blanche to pull together his best chances to win. Burman, however, underscored that only the best from around the world entered and competition would be intense.
The second article discusses the reactivation of the Wheeler-Schebler Trophy. The sterling silver Tiffany-designed prize became a consolation prize of sorts as it was announced that it would be awarded to the leader at 400 miles. As a traveling trophy, the deed of gift document called for it to be permanently awarded to the first team to win it three times. The logical connection to a driver of the previous year was Ralph DePalma who dominated in 1912 only to fall victim to engine failure with less than two of the 200 laps to go.
The final article in the bunch is a curious item that reports on the challenges leveled at the National Motor Vehicle Company for not supporting the Indianapolis Motor Speedway by defending their 1912 Indianapolis 500 victory. George M. Dickson, president of National, takes a defensive tone as he recounts the great auto racing contributions his company had made in previous years. The 1905 24 hour record run of Nationals at the Indiana State Fairgrounds and its role in triggering discussions of creating the Indianapolis Motor Speedway by its founders Carl Fisher, James Allison, Art Newby and Frank Wheeler is noted.

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