May 6 - Burman Favored

The popularity of Bob Burman is evident in this May 6, 1913 article from the Indianapolis News. Burman and his  Keeton Motor Company entry were touted as likely winners by team manager Ernie MorossBurman still held the world's land speed record from his 1911 run at Daytona Beach.
Another interesting aspect of the article is the explanation of the trials of Isotta Company which was enduring a labor "disturbance" of some sort. Italian driver Vincenzo Trucco is mentioned as well. He would eventually join the previously announced team drivers Harry Grant and Teddy Tetzlaff as competitor in the 1913 Indianapolis 500.
The final topic of the article discusses a track inspection by the Speedway leadership, how alkaline was applied to the brick surface to absorb oil and plans to distribute sand onto the course as an absorbant during the race. Premier Motor Company founder George Weidley is mentioned as the supervisor of this operation. Note that this was considered an item of crucial improvement as in the previous year this was deemed a mis-managed task with the sand pitting the faces of the drivers during the 1912 Indianapolis 500.

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