May 15 - "Frenchies"

Five of the six attachments here are articles from the May 15, 1913 Indianapolis News evening paper. The sixth item, a "Motor Way" news digest column, is from the Indianapolis Star. All contatin articles that were part of the build-up to the May 30, 1913 Indianapolis 500. The articles underscore the tremendous interest in European competitors in the upcoming race.
The "meatiest" attachment (NewsFrenchies01513) focuses on the long anticipated arrival of the Peugeot team with its star drivers Jules Goux of France and Paul Zuccarelli of Italy. The article discusses the events of their travel, especially since reaching port in New York City. By chance while in New York they met George Muntz, a college buddy of Goux, who took it upon himself to show the visitors around "Gotham" and even travel with them by rail to Indianapolis. Once at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway the two drivers became enthralled with watching American pilots practice, taking notes on speeds and technique.
The attachment NewsFrench051513 is a curiosity in that it focuses on the physical appearance of both Goux and Zuccarelli, especially their light skin complexion, deemed a surprise. In attachment NewsSpeeKings051513 you will find a grainy image of Jules Goux meeting Bob Burman for the first time. Burman is billed as America's "Speed King" and Goux his European counterpart.
An editorial cartoon that focuses on the confusing - to Hoosiers - mix of European languages is the topic of the NewsCartoon051513 attachment. Professor Pimiento, hired by the Speedway to serve as official interpreter, is the featured character of this sketch.
The final Indianapolis News article (attachment NewsHowdy051513) reports that Howdy Wilcox finally got out onto the track for practice in his Gray Fox. He did not achieve significant speed as he was breaking in a new engine which, in the language of the day, was "stiff" because the piston rings had not yet been ran long enough to fully match the contours of the cylinders.
The last attachment (IMSNotes051513) is the digest column from the Indianapolis Star. It has mostly "birghts" or items of color such as the bumble bee in Don Herr's Stutz racer or the fact that Howdy Wilcox was growing a moustache.

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