June 3 - Race Teams Leave Indianapolis

The June 3, 1913 Indianapolis News reported that race teams were leaving the Indianapolis Motor Speedway following the May 30 Indianapolis 500. Scattering across the country and some back to Europe everyone had a different destination. Bob Burman and his Keeton racer were off to Tacoma, Washington for the Montamaro Festo followed by a barnstorming tour. The Case team had plans to race in Galvenston, but local teams like Stutz and Henderson had only to move their equipment a few miles.
The Sunbeam team was headed off to England with the promise to return with a stronger effort in 1914. The Peugeot team had originally planned to display their winning car in a New York promotion but the terms of their visa only allowed them to have the cars in the country for the purpose of racing - so back to France they headed. The Forrest M. Keeton challenge for a match race pitting Jules Goux and Burman against each other for another 500 miles at the Speedway appeared to cool, the discussions turning to Labor Day.

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