May 12 - Burman Practices

These attachments contain two articles from the May 12, 1913 Indianapolis News concerning the buildup to the May 30 Indianapolis 500 Mile Race.
The most interesting item is actually an image of Bob Burman and his riding mechanic Tony Jeanette (name is spelled "Janett" in article but I believe this to be an error) in their Keeton racer. Some interesting car design details are included in the caption. A point is made that the steering wheel is located on the left side of the car which was seen as unconventional in the day. This was done - apparently - to give Burman a better feel for the inside of the left turns. A comparison to the body design of the French GP Renault cars with their trademark sloping hoods is made as well.
The second attachment contains an automotive digest column with an item that mentions driver Billy Knipper and his mascot bulldog "Peppers," which had been covered in the Indianapolis Star a day earlier.

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