May 3 - Prophetic on Goux

These two attachments are articles from May 3, 1913 - one from the Indianapolis News and the other from the Indianapolis Star.
The Indianapolis News proved somewhat prophetic in that it pictures the winning car and driver of the Indianapolis 500 that would take place later in the month on May 30. Jules Goux and his Peugeot were within days of arriving at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Note that the intention of the company was to find buyers for the Peugeot cars following the race. No better demonstration of their quality could be provided than Goux's dominating victory in the race. The highlight that many like to share about his daring drive is that he apparently was under the influence of alcohol. Exactly how much is in dispute but it was not uncommon practice for drivers of the era to refresh themselves with alcoholic beverages during pit stops.
The second article - this one from the Indianapolis Star - is poor quality and barely worth mentioning. It is an interesting artifact but the difficulty with the microfilm only allows the machine I used to focus on basically one paragraph at a time. This required four pages to provide a single page. Of the single page only one item is even relevant - a report that Teddy Tetzlaff was on his way to Indianapolis from Southern California. The column was a regular feature called "On Motor Row," a kind of "Pit Pass" style column that provided a digest of tidbits on doings within the automobile industry. I also like the art at the head of the article.

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