IMS Ticket Sales 1909

This advertisement for ticket sales by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was originally published in the August 18, 1909, Indianapolis Star. It was part of the promotion of the first auto races at the track. The three-day race meet was conducted August 19 through 21.
Note that there were two spectator entrances to the track - the east end probably were gate 6 is now because there was a pedestrian bridge there - and the main entrance at the intersection of Crawfordsville Road (16th Street was not extended to that point at that date) and Georgetown Road. The east entrance charged 50 cents while the main gate charged one dollar.
The ad promotes the availability of 16,000 general admission grandstand seats and I believe these were on the inside of turn one. In a sign of the times, the ad also informs prospective customers that there were parking spots inside the grounds for 10,000 automobiles and 2,000 horse-drawn vehicles.
Also, note that tickets were available at Huder's Drug Store (Pennsylvania Street) and Fisher's GarageHenry J. Huder was the proprietor of the pharmacy.

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