Marmon Wasp's First Victory

Here we see a hugely important photo from the history of American auto racing.  It captures the first victory of the iconic Marmon Wasp at Atlanta Speedway during their May 1910 race meet. This is part of Ken Parrotte's extensive research on this Atlanta Speedway
The image is important to anyone who cares about understanding how this historic machine came into being. The Marmon Wasp was constructed, tested, and first raced in the spring of March 1910. in addition to winning the Indianapolis Motor Speedway's May 28, 1910 200-mile Wheeler-Schebler Trophy race, it was subsequently wrecked and nearly destroyed during practice two days later. As demonstrated in this image, the Wasp won its first victory at the Atlanta track. Ray Harroun, of course, was the driver. It's worth noting that Harry "Sunshine" Stillman also drove the car, testing it at the Speedway in March 1910.
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