Michelin Ad, August 1909

This Michelin advertisement from the August 21, 1909, Indianapolis News summarized the second day of the tragic, three-day first auto racing event at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The results for the tire company were hugely impressive and undoubtedly served their intended purpose of selling product. Today it serves as a handy reference for the results of racing at the Speedway on August 20, 1909. Please, please, please note that a depiction of the Bibendum Twins in the artwork.
Let's review. Keep in mind those marked with an "X" did not use Michelins. It is interesting that the first three finishers in the G&J Trophy race used Michelins. G&J was an Indianapolis-based tire company. Firestone was Michelin's only serious competitor at this race meet.
100 Mile G&J Trophy

  1. Lewis Strang, Buick
  2. George DeWitt, Buick
  3. Ray Harroun, Marmon

50 Mile, Stripped Chassis

  1. Carl Wright, Stoddard-Dayton
  2. Louis Schwitzer, Stoddard-Dayton

5 Mile, Free-For-All Handicap

  1. Johnny Aitken, National
  2. Charlie Merz, National (X)
  3. Jap Clemens, Stoddard-Dayton

10 Mile, Free-For-All

  1. Len Zengel, Chadwick
  2. Johnny Aitken, National
  3. Stearns, Ford (X)

10 Mile, Class 1

  1. Tom Kincaid, National
  2. Herb Lytle, Apperson
  3. Ralph Mulford, Lozier (X)

10 Mile, Stripped Chassis

  1. Charlie Merz, National (X)
  2. Louis Chevrolet, Buick
  3. Tobin DeHymel, Stoddard-Dayton

5 Mile, Stripped Chassis

  1. Lewis Strang, Buick
  2. Louis Chevrolet, Buick
  3. Adolph Monson, Marion
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