Moto Officials

This image first appeared in the August 15, 1909 Indianapolis Star. The occasion was coverage of the first motorcycle race meet at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
Pictured here are top ranking men in the Indianapolis-based motoring world - four and two wheels - who were recruited to be officials at the event. Among the best known were: Howard Marmon, Frank Willis, Ernie Moross, Art Newby, W. Guy Wall, George Dickson, Earle Ovington, Frank Wheeler and George Weidley. Ovington was the president of FAM. Newby, Dickson and Wall were all executives at the National Motor Vehicle Company and Marmon was the top engineer of Marmon automobiles. Weidley was the top engineer at Premier Motor Manufacturing Company.
Others named in the photo were Gus Habich, E.B. Evans, F.A. Barker, A.E. Vinton, H.A. Githens, Fred Willis and John Stohl. Habich, Githens and Willis were all on the board of directors for the Indiana Motorcycle Club.

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