National Ad

This amazing image of a National 40 race car was provided to First Super Speedway by John Pappas, well know in Indianapolis auto racing history circles as the force behind the construction of a replica of the famous Boyle Maserati driven into racing lore as the winner of the 1939 and '40 Indianapolis 500s. Pappas also restored the actual truck used by the Boyle team to transport the racer. He is also leading the effort to restore the old Mike Boyle racing garage in Indianapolis, a gargantuan task as it fell into disrepair through the decades - to the point of being dilapidated.
Below is what Pappas wrote about the art you see here.
"The art is from an original National advertising piece that hung in a car dealer's showroom when National 40s were new. It is an oil painting and is mammoth. Steve Truchans father got it in the early 30s when he was a young race car driver from the Gary Fire dept where it hung on a wall in their headquarters. At the time he was told where it had come from. Since that day it has hung in the Truchan Family Shops of Gary Bridge and Iron, Gary IN."
Below are links to additional information about the National Motor Vehicle Company

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