Official FAM Car

This image is of the Federation of American Motorcyclists (FAM) official car used to find the best path for the Cleveland-to-Indianapolis ride associated with the motorcycle race meet at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in August 1909. The photograph first appeared in the August 6, 1909, Indianapolis News
The original cutline associated with photo read as follows:
"Left to right - C.H. Wallerich, driver; C.A. Marani of the F.A.M.; Joe Merkel; Stanley Kellogg and Fearless Balke, of the Flying Merkel team. This party made the trip to the new Indianapolis Motor Speedway yesterday in the official F.A.M. endurance run Overland car. The car driven by Wallerich this morning left for Cleveland to lead the endurance run riders to Indianapolis, starting next Tuesday morning."
Overland was a hugely important company to the economy of Indiana and especially Indianapolis in 1909. Through decades of corporate acquisitions and discontinuing products, the Overland brand remains in association with Chrysler's Jeep - the current vehicle's nameplate is homage to the original Overland. Check out other articles about or relevant to Overland you can find elsewhere on First Super Speedway:

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